About Us

Elaion Land Company was established in Oklahoma City because Oklahoma City embodies many of the characteristics as a city that we strive to exhibit as a company. With a historical significance in the oil and gas industry, Oklahoma City has long been the home of many industry leaders and prominent energy companies. Oklahoma City has shown growth potential far exceeding expectations and has outperformed many peer cities of its size. Elaion Land Company has worked to plant deep oil and gas roots drawing upon industry experience and prominence to build a company with strong growth potential that far exceeds its peers.

Stressing the importance of integrity, Elaion Land Company is grounded in sound principles that have earned the trust of many companies, land and mineral owners, and investors. As a family owned and operated small business, we pride ourselves in our reputation and strive to build upon our success while maintaining our identity as a trustworthy and ethical company.

Elaion Land Company has a history that spans beyond its respected business practices. As a member of our community, Elaion Land Company has invested in the community and many charitable causes. Our efforts are made in hopes that while our company grows, so does its positive impact on our community.